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12 Facts That Show Why This Hosting is the Best

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Web Design

There are a lot of factors involved in running a successful online presence. 

You need the right tone of voice when you’re speaking to your customers, an excellent content management strategy, and even a great promotional campaign. 

However, it’s difficult to accomplish anything without the right hosting platform to get you started. 

Your hosting solution is what ensures that you can create and manage an incredible environment on the web. However, with so many different options to choose from, it’s not always easy to determine which provider you should be working with. 

Fortunately, there is one company that stands out from the crowd.

Regarded the best, most reliable WordPress host around, WP Engine pretty much created the WordPress hosting market as we know it. Today, WP Engine hosts thousands of sites worldwide,  delivering incredible performance and security to every client. 

Here are just some of the reasons why WP Engine is the best hosting service that money can buy. 


1. Enterprise-Grade Security

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Every business needs to know that its data and content is secure. Fortunately, WP Engine provides state-of-the-art enterprise-grade security, specifically suited to larger brands that can’t afford to make a mistake. WP Engine provides:

  • A 256-bit AES security protocol that encrypts your data before the transfer
  • A carefully-constructed security strategy, specifically chosen for WordPress users. 
  • A file system with segregated roots and systems to block malicious requests before they reach the back-end. 
  • An automatic solution for running WordPress updates so that patches and fixes are made instantly, without your input.


2. Impeccable Speed

WP Engine is built specifically for WordPress, the world’s most popular CRM. In fact, more than 75 million sites run on WordPress. Because WP Engine focuses exclusively on one CRM, it can deliver a tailored strategy to keep your site running quickly and smoothly, with the latest versions of everything. 

There’s even a free tool for WP Engine users that tests your speed for you. This way, you can make sure that you’re always giving your visitors the best experience. 


3. Unlimited Data Transfers

Do you have a lot of information to work with? WP Engine offers unlimited data transfers on all plans. Though the word “Unlimited” appears a lot in hosting, WP Engine goes above and beyond to deliver. The server infrastructure is second-to-none, meaning that it’s less likely to cap out when you’re most in need of support. 

WP Engine has the equipment and standing to back up its promise for no-limits performance, so you can rest assured that you’ll always be ready for action. 


4. Designed for WordPress

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The fact that WP Engine is specifically designed for WordPress makes it an excellent choice for developers and business owners that love WordPress CRM. If you love WordPress, then you’re going to love WP Engine too.

The partnership between this host and its CRM is second-to-none. WP Engine never misses a WordPress conference, and they’re always on the cutting edge of new updates and developments, so the support team is ready to guide you through making the most of your site. 


5. Solid Customer Support

WP Engine is a 3 times Stevie award winner for customer support. Year after year, the company has proven itself to be the go-to solution for state-of-the-art guidance and assistance. By putting its customers first, WP Engine has earned a reputation for delivering the kind of consistent help that today’s users need. 

The only downside? If you’re on the smaller Startup pricing plan, then you won’t get the same 24-hour attention on your calls and support tickets as other users. 


6. Excellent Value

A lot of consumers look at WP Engine and see it’s price tag as a downside. This solution is a little more expensive than some of the hosts available today – but comparing WP Engine to other providers is like comparing apples to oranges. 

WP Engine delivers extra functionality for its price tag, from world-class support to premium infrastructure and automatic updates. Ultimately, when you consider all the benefits that you’re getting, it’s easy to see the value behind WP Engine’s pricing. 


7. StudioPress Genesis Themes

Back in 2018, WP Engine purchased StudioPress, the company known for the Genesis Framework, and one of the world’s most popular selection of premium WordPress Themes. If you have the right account profile, then you can access both the Genesis framework and a host of excellent themes for free. 

Since the StudioPress themes available today retail for over $100 apiece, you’re saving a lot of money by going for WP Engine, and you know you’re getting premium-quality too. 


8. An Incredible Affiliate Program

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WP Engine isn’t just great for business owners; it’s amazing for affiliates too. Unlike most shared web hosting programs, WP Engine offers high-level commissions based on the level of service chosen by the customer you attract. A standard payout from WP Engine is around $200 – which is really impressive. What’s more, you can earn a lot more money depending on the kind of sales you get. 

WP Engine is one of the most compelling and highest-paying affiliate solutions on the market. What’s more, the high-quality hosting platform basically sells itself. 


9. Agency Partner Program

There’s another way for businesses to join forces with WP Engine too. If you’re the kind of company that builds state-of-the-art websites for clients, then you can be part of the WP Engine agency partner program, which gives you access to amazing transferable WordPress websites for your customers. 

You’ll have access to development, staging, and production environments, and WP Engine will handle your security and performance standards. What’s more, your transferable websites don’t count against your hosting plan limits. 


10. Automated WordPress Updates &Backups

As part of the managed hosting service that you get from WP Engine, you can expect the core of your WordPress site to remain up-to-date, with instant patches straight from WordPress. You’ll also have the option to defer the installation of new software releases if you prefer. 

At the same time, thanks to WP Engine’s nightly automatic backups, you can ensure that WP Engine will keep your website protected from unexpected outages. WP Engine backups contain all your core files, themes, plugins, and databases. You can even create these backups automatically with a single click on the WP Engine user portal. 


11. Create and Manage Multi-Site Environments

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If you start to run out of WP Engine installations and you don’t want to upgrade your hosting plan to the next level, then you can always transform your single WordPress installation into a multi-site environment. This gives you the option to add as many websites as you like with a single installation and log-in. 

Not only can you create multiple sites with ease, but with the WP Engine user portal, you’ll be able to manage multiple websites, multi-sites, and single environments within a unified location. It’s one of the most intuitive environments around. 


12. Built-in Caching and CDN

Finally, to make your WordPress experience even more impeccable, WP Engine offers a combination of built-in caching to speed up your site for return visitors and a built-in CDN. With a single click, you’ll be able to add caching to your WP Engine website to help your files and images load faster. At the same time, you’ll have access to a world-renowned content delivery network.

This combination of built-in tools makes it easier to provide the kind of second-to-none experience your visitors and customers expect. 


Is WP Engine Right for You?

Ultimately, no hosting environment is perfect for everyone, but WP Engine has a lot to offer for many of today’s developers, agencies, and business owners. While it’s not the cheapest solution on the market, and it comes with some downsides, it has earned the loyalty of countless users worldwide. 

On one hand, WP Engine doesn’t give you any email addresses attached to your domain, and basic plans can only sustain up to 25k in visits per month. Additionally, the initial Startup plan includes only 10GB of storage. However, on the other hand, WP Engine offers state-of-the-art functionality, security, speed, and performance for companies around the world. 

WP Engine has emerged as the leader in its field for a good reason. The company can offer top-notch security, great support, and amazing WordPress features for today’s businesses. Even if you’re one of the customers that have to wait around for support, you can rest assured that the company will bend over backward to help you once they get your ticket. 

While there are a lot of cheaper hosts out there, few can offer the same in-depth functionality and performance promises that you get from WP Engine. At the same time, no other host gives the same quality of state-of-the-art WordPress technology that you can get from WP Engine. If you love your WordPress website – this is the host for you. 

What are the features that you love most about WP Engine? Let us know in the comments, or join the conversation on social media.

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