The 5 Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies Your Practice Must Be Doing

by Stefan Janjic Lozo | Sep 24, 2022

Nowadays, in 2022 demands for plastic surgery or some reconstructive operations are enormous. Did you know that According to studies, social media has contributed to a 31% increase in plastic surgery demand? Isn’t that amazing? So, if you are the owner of a plastic surgery business, and you want to increase and boost your business, we prepared for you 5 plastic surgery marketing strategies your practice must be doing in 2023.

The beauty and plastic surgery industries are huge markets, and now it’s the best time to start working on your marketing strategies to engage more with clients and show them you are there for them. A trustworthy relationship demands a lot of effort, so be ready! If you aren’t sure how to create a marketing strategy, our team from Play Media will be more than thrilled to help you.

Plastic surgeries marketing strategies to boost your business – Five best advice




We love to say that there are numerous ways to make a marketing strategy and campaign, but, the best thing about it is that it has to be a unique and individual plan for each client. Our team works hard to fulfill the demands and wishes of all of our clients. But, in this article, you will find out the five best pieces of advice for your plastic surgeon business for 2023 year. Downbelow you will find a list of things to do in order to succeed in your business, so let’s start!

  • Identify High-Value Potential Clients
  • Stay in touch with your previous and existing clients
  • Offer a free consultation where you can show results with Photoshop
  • Website is must
  • Ask your clients for reviews and provide before and after pictures

As you can see, we choose these five strategies because they have proven to be the best strategies so far. Now we will move on to the exact strategies and what you need to do to promote your business in the best possible way.

Identify High-Value Potential Clients

Potential clients who are educated and rich enough to devote time, money, and effort to receive your treatments are your ideal candidates. Facebook is the ideal medium for targeting them. Facebook’s targeting choices extend beyond demographics. Yearly income level, relationship status, dating hobbies, purchasing habits, beauty, and associated product interests, activities, and purchases are just a few of the many more possibilities available to you. Not just Facebook, but Google Ads also allows you to target potential consumers based on several criteria, including their economic level.

Potential clients that suit this description are the best possible candidates to be your customers. But, still, you need to do on promoting your brand and services in order to reach these customers. Also, a great Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategy is to stay in touch with previous clients, but we will talk about it in the next paragraph, so stay with us.

Stay in touch with your previous and existing clients

Staying in touch with your existing clients is an amazing way to engage with your audience. If your previous clients are happy with your service, they will refer you to a friend or someone they know so in this way you can get more leads. Use social media to entertain them. If you don’t entertain your audience, they will most likely unfollow you or simply stop talking about your brand. So, use Instagram stories, TikTok, and newsletters to stay in touch with clients. Offer them a discount on some services if they bring their friends or if you promote your brand in some way.

Offer a free consultation where you can show results with Photoshop

Free consultations are a proven way to gain leads and boost your plastic surgeon marketing strategies. Free consultations are a great option if you are new in this world and you still need to make trustworthy relationships with your potential customers. The best way to relax clients that are still afraid of surgery is to show them how they will exactly look after surgery. Getting allowed to see the outcomes visually will put them in an entirely new mentality, and they will feel more secure about undergoing the operation. There are so many ways to do this, so you need to find software that best suit your needs, but we can always recommend Photoshop. This program is the easiest to learn, and here you can manipulate every body part as you want.

For the best Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies Website is must

We are sure that you already know that website is a must in every business in any industry. So, if you still don’t have one, what are you waiting for? With a website, everything will go smoother and easier. Things are looking totally different when it comes to the professional part if you don’t have a website.

If you already have one, make sure that your website is SEO optimized, and also mobile friendly. You need to have in mind that most people nowadays are using their smartphones to search for services near them. If you are smart enough, you will optimize your website with amazing content and focused keywords, and your business will rank higher on Google searches.

Ask your clients for reviews and provide before and after pictures

Did you know that almost 91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as friends and family according to Brightlocal? So, we can defiantly say that reviews are a very important part of every online presence. This is why is important to have a website. Ask your patients to write some good reviews about your practice and services if they are happy with them. If they were satisfied with your services, most individuals would gladly offer you a glowing recommendation.

If you found bad reviews on other sites, and this can happen to anyone, kindly ask the client what was the problem, and try to resolve them, in order to protect your business’s success.

Final words about Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies

As you can see on your own, these marketing strategies are a good way to boost your business and to gain more leads in order to succeed in your plastic surgery business. Be creative and use your imagination to be as unique as you can, Use social media platforms to educate and entertain people with interesting things about plastic surgeries that maybe they don’t know. The main goal of every campaign is to be one step ahead of the competition, never forget this!


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