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Social Media Marketing for Mobile Apps in 2021

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Digital marketing

Why is app marketing so important? Of course, if you are reading this article, you already know why. But if you don’t, I’ll explain. 

There are millions and millions of mobile apps in app stores. And a huge percentage of that have never been downloaded. As an application development company, we are very concerned about this state of affairs and always try to draw the attention of our clients to pre-launch marketing. Today we will focus on the SMM role in the app promotion and not on all the marketing.


Popular Social Media Networks in 2021

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You’re most likely already know social media platforms you could use, but let’s go through some of the highlights that might help you to better understand them.


TikTok is now one of the leading social media platforms. It’s a place for fast-watching short videos. As of early 2021, the average session length on TikTok was higher than that on Facebook. About a year ago, TikTok was regarded as a platform for teenagers. According to Statista, 75% of users in the United States as of March 2021 are 20+.


Perhaps Instagram is improving more than other platforms. New features appear almost every year. It was chat, stories, filters, shop, reels, and lots of other smaller improvements. Thanks to all those improvements, over 11 years of existence Instagram is still one of the most popular social networks with visual content globally.


Of course, Facebook can be called the pioneer in the field of social networking. In its early days, Facebook helped build connections between people. Today, it allows small companies, businesses, and celebrities to better understand and interact with their audience. It helps to communicate directly with the target audience and, more importantly, collect their feedback and opinions.


LinkedIn is a social network for finding and establishing business contacts. Using LinkedIn can be a good way to find corporate clients and new hires. In addition to LinkedIn, your company and employees’ profiles can help potential clients better know your business.


Twitter is a good platform for brand building. Funny replies from various major brands went viral, creating free ads and building positive brand attitudes. But, according to datareportal.com, as for 2021, Twitter’s potential advertising reach is roughly 396 million


YouTube is the leading video-sharing social media platform in the world. It has become a second TV with its own shows, series, films, and other content for users all over the world. It covers all industries and genres from gaming to education, from psychology to martial arts, and many others.

Moreover, YouTube has a user base that includes all age groups, even the difficult-to-reach 55+. According to searchenginejournal.com, 73% of US adults use the platform.


Using Snapchat as a marketing tool is good to attract a younger audience. According to Evan Spiegel, Snapchat reaches 75% of 13-34-year-olds. Snapchat’s audience is not as big as Facebook’s or TikTok’s, yet, its potential advertising reach is more than 500 million. 


Why You Should Include Social Media to Your App Marketing Strategy

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Additional Marketing Channel

With tons of people on social networks, SMM has become one of the most important ways of getting leads. You can attract users to your account (hence, to your business) with interesting content. Moreover, some companies even use their profiles instead of a website. For example, the Instagram commerce feature has provoked the growth of Insta stores that do not even have their own website.

Also, you can use advertising opportunities on chosen social media platforms. Those don’t include only ad accounts but also partnerships with influencers.

A Convenient Way to Get Feedback

It’s always nice to get good reviews. However, it is much more important to get bad ones. Objective criticism from your users can be very useful for fixing bugs, implementing improvements, and the like. More importantly, bad reviews don’t end up in the app store, where they can harm the position of your app. This is why it is always good to have the additional platform(s) to receive feedback.

An Easy Way to Interact With Your Audience

With such a huge variety of social media platforms, every business would find at least one platform to interact with its target audience. Being open with your audience is an important step in building a trusty brand. And a social media company profile is one of the simplest and cheapest tools to do it. 


How to Set Up a Profile 

There are a few important things you should never forget about. Use the checklist below.

  • Profile picture – It’s a good tone to use an app logo. So your users will recognize your app in the app store. 
  • Nickname – Obviously, it should be the name of the app. The reason is the same. Using the name of your app as a nickname is the easiest way for your future users to find the app in the app store.
  • Bio – Tell the audience what your app is about. Why should someone download it? How can users benefit from it?
  • Links to download apps – Add a link to the app store or a special website where people could find links to all app stores where your app is placed.
  • Contact information – that people can use for getting support or giving feedback.

What to Post?

There’re so many different types of content you may use in your social media strategy. To decide what to post, you need to create your target audience persona first. You need to understand who those people are, where they live, what interests them, why do they need your business.

Below you will find examples of content you would use.

  • App demo videos, screenshots
  • Clients reviews
  • App onboarding
  • FAQ in highlights
  • Q&A 
  • Entertaining content
  • How-to-use videos
  • Influencer videos
  • Feature videos
  • Contest/Giveaways 
  • News (launch date, updates, etc.)


Social Media Advertising Tips

  1. High-quality creatives could help to achieve better results. Beautiful and clear pictures would attract more users than ugly ones, obviously.
  2. Always remember about the audience burnout. It will inevitably happen sooner or later. To avoid this, try to have breaks by alternating between different groups of people.
  3. Don’t get hung up on one format. What works for one business can be destructive for another. If you’re only starting, try different options.  Test out images, carousels, short and long videos with the same audiences. Then after at least 2 weeks, you can tell which ones work better for your business.
  4. Look after the audience size. First of all, a bigger audience gives a better reach. Second, if your audience is too small, it might lead to high frequency. For example, when the size of your target group is under 10 000 people for the local business. It means that the platform might show your ad to the same person several times. It’s okay to see the same ad a couple of times, but there’s no denying that it’s really annoying when the same ad follows you for weeks.
  5. Do not forget about tracking. Of course, you may rely on built-in tracking analytics from an ad account, but it’s always good to have a plan B. UTM parameters could be very helpful in case you’re using another analytics or CRM system.



Social media is a great channel for app pre-launch marketing. They allow you to gather a ready-made audience that will start downloading your application immediately after its launch.

Of course, even after the launch, social networks remain a place, where your users can receive information, and you can maintain communication. With a myriad of free and paid marketing opportunities, social media has become a vital tool for the modern marketer.

In addition, it is a fairly versatile channel that is suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations.

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