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If you’re ready to grow, Shopify is THE place to be. Whether you’re launching directly on e-commerce, or it’s the next stage – we’re here to help.

You’ve got enough on your plate. Leave all the design, development and management work to our team of digital marketing artists and Shopify experts who work together to grow your business and take it to the next level by delivering Shopify ecommerce solutions which outperform our clients’ expectations.

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One-Stop Shopify Solutions

Dedicated to delivering excellence, we help brands with a social mission reach their audience. Whether it’s direct-to-consumer, crowdfunding, or targeted publicity, we have the expertise to launch or reinvent your brand into the future.

Our Shopify building services and solutions look beyond the build. Once your store is live, we can help you achieve and maintain your business goals with a marketing strategy that drives traffic to your Shopify store and helps you convert more sales.

Our deep understanding of Shopify’s capabilities and roadmap means we can build solutions that scale as you grow.

For this to happen, you need an excellent Magento design and development strategy that provides you with suitable solutions. Here's how our Magento services will maximize the potential of your website.

How Our All-In-One Shopify Services Work


When it comes to building Shopify stores, we know what we’re doing. But, we’re not just Shopify experts – Play Media is a full service ecommerce and digital marketing partner that collaborates with businesses in the long-term to help take them from concept to conversion, and beyond.

Whether you’re launching your ecommerce business and looking to create an online store to match your ambitions, or have an established business that you’re ready to take to the next level, our agency can help.
From deep-dive business audits which reveal areas of opportunity, to the design and development of beautiful, functional and engaging online stores and websites to convert customers, we know how to help you scale.


Setting Up

Not sure how your Shopify site is performing? Looking for data insights and strategies to grow or start your Shopify business the right way? We offer data driven insights, audits and customized strategies that work. With our tailored approach to launching, we call upon our wealth of experience to ensure clients of every stage and size achieve the best results.


Replatforming and Migration

Thinking about migrating? Our Shopify services help businesses jump ship to Shopify any time. Shopify gives you full control over your online store and all the tools to manage it. Or you can leave it to us.


Custom Design and Development

Give your customers an experience that’ll stick with them long after checkout. We’ll create a fully branded, custom Shopify website that’s tailored to your needs with custom design for high impact pages and a slick theme. No generic, stock art. Just beautiful, impact-driven design and optimum functionality that make customers stay.


Shopify SEO and Content Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, Shopify SEO is not as simple as installing a few apps and charging your way to the top in a week or two. Luckily, good SEO is one of our golden skills. We nail the competition and supercharge your Shopify Store’s SEO.


Integrations and Sales Channel Setup

We add features and functionalities to your store or connect it to other systems. Upgrade the customer portal to a truly customized experience, giving customers more autonomy to manage their subscriptions, adding upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and so much more.


Ongoing Growth and Support

We know an online store is a long-term investment. Our team is here to make sure you never stop scaling and growing your Shopify business. We also understand that business owners appreciate transparency on pricing, speed, agility, results and above all, trust. That’s why we maintain long-term relationships with all of our clients, and offer transparent reporting every step of the way. We get the job done. On time. On budget. With clear communication.

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