Portfolio Category: Digital Marketing


Educons University in Sremska Kamenica was established in 2008 and today it is a dynamic institution that monitors and adopts scientific and educational trends which currently has eleven different programs for students. Our work with Educons University gave us not only a mutual success in marketing and on social media but something more important: a […]


A strong desire to find a craft brewery on Serbia’s market resulted in creating RAZBEERBRIGA. It’s a traditional craft brewery originating from a small, independent brewery whose production is recognizable because of its use of natural ingredients with the necessary dash of creativity, experimentation, and new tastes. Our work together brought us to a whole […]


STRIDE ALLEY seeks to inspire, inform, and celebrate businesses. They offer real solutions to the challenges people face as entrepreneurs, including tips, tools and insider news, to help build and grow businesses. A beautiful part of their work is STRIDE ALLEY really wanting to encourage people to share their personal experiences and knowledge gained from […]


INNIRAN is the first modern platform to bring travelers and hosts together for unique short-stay experiences and holiday rentals in Iran.  A hand-selected offering of homes and converted historical houses (boutique hotels) is available for both professionals and leisure travelers. They also offer recommendations for cultural and lifestyle experiences for people to seek out. We […]


DIGITAL MANGA is one of the most unconventional and innovative companies specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the Western Hemisphere through anime, manga and related merchandise.  It was a great pleasure working with one of the biggest manga publishing companies. We did an excellent job with their SEO campaign together!


SURVIVAL NOMADS provide outdoor adventure gear for nomads. From military-grade packs to accessories – everything you need to make your camping, hiking, or tailgating experience perfect. We have done an SEO and product description for their shop for survivalists and wilderness lovers. We truly believe that our journey has a great future, filled with adventure, […]


Art inspired by bold color, simple beauty, and a strong desire to spread joy. From the jazz-filled streets of New Orleans to the shores of Brazil, SHELBY DILLON STUDIO is a place where you can buy and enjoy unique art such as wonderful paintings, prints, accessories, pillows, and much more. Our work with SHELBY DILLON […]


KEGLEVICH classic vodka was created in 1882 and after more than a century it is still produced by the traditional method according to the original recipe. Beside classic vodka, a world-famous Italian brand owned by STOCK offers people many different kinds of fruit vodka. As well as the classic vodka, this sweet fruit-flavored vodka-based liqueur […]


ČAROLIJA is a unique baking workshop based in Novi Sad. They bake magically tasty integral and white cocktail pastries, sandwiches, muffins and more. Besides that, ČAROLIJA is a place where you can sit and drink your coffee, or have a healthy smoothie enjoying the magical environment. The opening of ČAROLIJA’s second pastry – café was […]


ORTO4U is a specialist orthodontic practice treating both children and adults using different kinds of modern braces and brackets. We have had the pleasure of working with ORTO4U, and during that time, we have managed to build new marketing and communication strategies on social media platforms. This has also resulted in creating a new website […]