Our Pick of 12 Best SEO Blogs to Check Out in 2022

Our Pick of 12 Best SEO Blogs to Check Out in 2022

Looking for the best SEO blogs to follow this year? Want to get useful search engine optimization tips and strategies from the top SEO bloggers and leaders in the industry? Look no further.

The digital marketplace is constantly changing, as are the strategies needed to get ahead of the crowd. That’s why all of us find ourselves turning to industry leaders for pointers about the best way to succeed and as our pick of some of the best SEO blogs shows, there are plenty of creative commentators around, who are happy to help – us included.

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Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned SEO veteran, there’s always room for new knowledge on how to improve your search engine rankings and visibility.

Top SEO Blogs To Keep You In The Loop

In an ever-evolving industry such as SEO, it is important not to miss the train and stay updated on any news and educate yourself on a regular basis.

Luckily, as new trends and best practices emerge, the best SEO bloggers are quick to share their top tips and advice on every aspect of search engine optimization so you can stay ahead of the curve while the digital landscape is changing.

Our Pick of 11 Best SEO Blogs to Check Out and Follow

SEO blogs are still the most popular way to learn anything about search engine optimization.

We hand-picked the creme de la creme of SEO blogs we think no SEO should hesitate to check out. You can trust all of these sources to offer fresh insights and evidence from the field, and we’d definitely recommend that you integrate them into your daily reading routine, after you’re done reading ours.

So, without further ado, here are the best SEO blogs to check out if you want to keep up with the latest SEO industry news and trends.

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Play Media

Hopefully, you’re pretty familiar with our first entry — you’re reading it right now! If you’re new to our blog, we publish a mix of latest industry news, tips and detailed guides for readers of every skill level. Our focus remains on producing high-quality, factual content covering the wide range of SEO topics available, as well as plenty of insights on other key digital marketing aspects we thrive on.

Google Webmaster / Search Central Blog

It should go without saying that if you use any of Google’s many services, this should be one of the top SEO blogs for you to follow. What better place to get SEO advice than from Google itself? It’s like an Oracle for today’s SEO crowd. It provides insight and official updates on Google Search core algorithm changes, announcements of new Google Search features and general tweaks in its ecosystem, as well as the best SEO practices to use. However, it isn’t exactly beginner-friendly. If you’re new to SEO or not well-versed in advanced topics, you might want to check out a blog that breaks down the updates added here.


Anyone who gets deep into keyword research will become a Moz fan sooner or later. Moz is almost certainly the most well-known SEO blog, and for a good reason. When Moz was founded, it was called SEOMoz. It was the first place online where top SEO experts shared their research and ideas.Today, it remains one of the best SEO blogs to follow for inbound marketing tips, link building strategies, on-page optimization techniques, and content marketing ideas. So, make sure you check it out.


Created and single-handedly run by one of the top SEO bloggers of our time, Brian Dean, Backlinko has developed a reputation for supplying useful information that digital marketers can leverage. In fact, it’s regular updates are essential, while mixing up basics (which are all-too-easily overlooked) and subtle tricks that only the experts can provide. It’s newsletter based, and no SEO professional can afford not to sign up.


SEMrush is a popular SEO audit tool for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. But, SEMRush also kicks out a lot of SEO-related content—roughly one post per day. Check out this blog if you want to get advanced tips on search engine optimization, content strategy, pay-per-click techniques, social media strategies, and more. You’ll see guest authors on this blog occasionally and it’s always updated with the latest information.

Search Engine Land

Probably the go-to site to visit as you check out the day’s SEO news, Search Engine Land provides content on any topic related to search engines, with a primary emphasis on SEO. They cover updates in the search engine industry news and trends. You’ll also find expert analysis, advice, tips, tactics, and how-to guides on SEO. If you want to stay up to speed with the state of the SEO industry, SEL is definitely worth checking out.

Search Engine Journal

SEJ is another well-known SEO news blog. Much like Search Engine Land, they’re almost exclusively focussed on SEO industry news. You’ll also find tips and observations in the areas of social media and content marketing from some of the best SEO bloggers in the field. This is a good read to get the latest scoop on what’s happening in the SEO world.


Dutch company Yoast is another down to earth, but sophisticated SEO blog that always manages to offer practical perspectives on real-life marketing problems. It’s most famous for its hugely successful WordPress plug-in, but the company’s blog is even more useful these days. If you rely on WordPress or CMS – it’s totally unmissable. This SEO blog successfully bridges the gap between beginner and intermediate SEO concepts, so it’s suitable for any skill level.


The Ahrefs blog primarily covers SEO topics, but occasionally branches into other fields of online marketing. They often include case studies, guides, and in-depth research to help businesses gain a thorough understanding of different aspects of SEO and marketing.

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Search Engine Roundtable

SER mainly reports on new SEO trends, Google updates and changes to the SERPs. This blog is an excellent casual read for intermediate digital and SEO marketers, web administrators, and anyone working on technical SEO. It’s also a good place to check in for the search engine news likely to influence your SEO strategy.

SEO by the Sea

Go Fish Digital’s Director of SEO Research, Bill Slawski, runs SEO by the Sea – the renowned SEO blog for insightful and informative updates. It’s the best SEO blog to follow if you want to know how Google works and how Google might work in future. BIll’s most well-known for breaking down and analyzing many Google patents and whitepapers, which makes his blog a great place to learn about why search engines do what they do. A great option for more technical insights into SEO and search engine algorithms.



What Else Is Out There? Top SEO YouTube Podcasts

If you’ve been looking to expand your SEO knowledge and keep up with the latest trends, there’s plenty of information waiting for you to digest on our list of best SEO blogs. But, if you’re busy, or prefer multitasking and listening your way into the SEO world, here are some of the best SEO podcasts to boost your knowledge:

  • Marketing School Podcast
  • SEO Podcast With Chris Palmer
  • TechSEO
  • Edge of the Web
  • SEO 101
  • Crawling Mondays
  • SEObits
  • The Recipe for SEO Success

Podcasts are a great content format to keep people engaged and informed – you can listen to the best SEO podcasts out there to improve your game. Turn up the volume!

Look Up. Read. Own Your SEO.

Whether you’re new to SEO or a tried-and-true expert, SEO blogs are one of the most valuable resources available in the industry today. Use it to gain the upper hand in the digital market.

Pick out a few of your favorites, stay tuned to our regular blog posts and the latest news, then go ahead and implement any SEO advice that could boost your business.

Browse away!

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