Linking GA4 with Google Ads and Search Console

Linking GA4 with Google Ads and Search Console

If you’re looking to boost your business online, web analytics tools are essential for understanding user behavior, optimizing marketing strategies, and maximizing online performance. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a powerful analytics platform that provides in-depth insights into website and app data. 

To further enhance your data analysis and marketing efforts, it’s crucial to link GA4 with other Google services like Google Ads and Search Console.

In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of connecting GA4 with Google Ads and Search Console and provide a step-by-step guide on how to do it.


Step-by-Step Guide to Linking GA4 with Google Ads

Let’s break down linking GA4 with Google Ads into simple steps:

  1. Log in to your GA4 account.
  2. Navigate to the Admin section.
  3. Locate “Google Ads Links” under the Product Links section.ga4 google ads linking
  4. Select the Google Ads account that needs to get linked to your GA4 property.
  5. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions in both your Google Ads and Analytics accounts to complete this process.
  6. Click “Choose Google Ads account” to make your selection.
  7. A list of accounts with manager permissions will appear. Choose the account you wish to link and click “Confirm.”choose google ads account
  8. Once you’ve configured these settings, click “Next.”

In the end, review your setup. If you are satisfied with the selections you’ve made, click “Submit” to create the link.


Google Ads Reports in GA4

Once you’ve successfully linked your Google Ads account to GA4, you might wonder what kind of reports you can expect. In your GA4 account, you won’t immediately find new reports related to Google Ads. On the Google Ads Links page, you’ll be able to view the accounts you’ve added. 

Under the side menu, navigate to Acquisition Overview reports, and you’ll discover a new section dedicated to Google Ads, containing a wealth of reports. Please be aware that it might take up to 24 hours for your data to start showing up in the reports.

ga4 google ads report


The Benefits of Linking Google Ads with GA4

While the benefits of this integration are evident for Universal Analytics users, GA4 users can also expect advantages in the future. The linkage empowers businesses to understand the true impact of their advertising campaigns, track ROI, and optimize their strategies for better results.

As the digital landscape evolves, having a comprehensive view of your online advertising efforts becomes increasingly critical, making the connection between Google Ads and GA4 an essential step in your marketing journey.

CTA button

How to Link GA4 with Google Search Console

To connect Google Search Console and GA4, you must have editor rights to your GA4 property, and the same email ID should be a certified site owner of your Google Search Console property.

  1. In your GA4 property, navigate to Admin and then to Search Console Links.
  2. Go to the Link located in the upper right corner.ga4 search console linking
  3. Next, select Google Search Console Property and click on Choose Accounts.
  4. A list of properties where you’re a certified site owner will appear. Pick a property and click Confirm. It’s important to note that only one GSC property can be linked with one GA4 property/web console choose account
  5. After that, you’ll need to choose a web stream to link with the selected Search Console property. Click Select and pick the stream.
  6. In the end, verify all the details and click on submit.

This will kick start the linking process between Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4.

Upon completion, you’ll see a green “Link Created” badge, signifying the successful linkage of the two properties.

Please be aware that it might take up to 24 hours for your data to start showing up in the reports.

Finding Google Search Console Data in Google Analytics 4

Insights form GSC will be presented in GA4 through two widgets under “Acquisition Overview”:

Find “Acquisition Overview” under “Reports” > “Acquisition.” Data will appear under these two categories: 

  1. Google organic search traffic.
  2. Organic google search query.

If you want more detailed reports, there’s a link you can tap at the bottom of each widget. It’s important to note that this data is available from the time you link the two properties and includes historical data.

search console report


Google Organic Search Traffic

Diving into the “Google Organic Search Traffic” section unveils a treasure trove of data, categorized into the following insights:

  • Landing Page: Discover where your audience lands.
  • Country: Uncover the geographical origins of your visitors.
  • Device Category: Explore which devices your users prefer.

Metrics of significant importance await your scrutiny, such as:

  • Organic Google Search Clicks: How often users click on your organic search results.
  • Organic Google Search Impressions: The frequency with which your content appears in search results.
  • Organic Google Search Click-Through Rate: A key indicator of your content’s clickability.
  • Organic Google Search Average Position: Understand where your content typically ranks in search results.

Beyond the basics, more metrics paint a comprehensive picture:

  • Users: The number of individuals engaging with your content.
  • Engaged Sessions: A metric revealing user engagement duration.
  • Engagement Rate: A percentage showcasing user interaction.
  • Average Engagement Time: The average duration users spend on your content.
  • Event Count: Counting valuable user interactions.
  • Conversions: Tracking actions that matter.
  • Ad Revenue: Measuring the financial fruits of your efforts.
  • Uncover these insights to fine-tune your digital strategy and enhance user engagement.

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Google Organic Search Queries Report

In the “Google Organic Search Queries” report, you’ll investigate essential aspects, including:

  • Search Queries: Identify the actual terms people use to find your content.
  • Country: Understand where your audience is located.
  • Devices: Learn which devices your users prefer.

In this report, you’ll discover similar metrics as in the Google Organic Search Traffic report, like:

  • The number of times users click on your organic search results (Organic Google search clicks).
  • How often your content shows up in search results (Organic Google search impressions).
  • A measure of how often people click on your search results when they see them (Organic Google search click-through rate).
  • Where your content typically ranks in search results (Organic Google search average position).


Supercharge Your Marketing with GA4 Integrations

Linking Google Analytics 4 with Google Ads and Google Search Console is a strategic move for digital marketers and website owners. It provides a comprehensive view of your data, empowers better decision-making, and enhances the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. 

By following these steps, you can fully harness these tools and use data to improve your online presence. Take advantage of these integrations to gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

And if you ever need help, our data analytics team is just a click away


Good luck!

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