How to Write a Press Release That Gets Results in 2023

How to Write a Press Release That Gets Results in 2023

Running a successful business also means making sure that people know about your company and want to work with you. Building brand awareness, gaining a following, and building strong relationships with customers or clients is one of the pillars of a thriving business. One of the things that can help you with all this is including PR in your marketing strategy. 

When it comes to your PR efforts, writing press releases to inform the general public about a product release or other important company news and events is a must. But how do you write a press release that actually gets results?

If you want your next press release to actually drive some traffic to your website and get you some recognition and attention, we have tips that will help you. So, keep reading to learn how to write successful press releases.

What’s a Press Release? 

A press release is a written document from an organization that informs the media and public about events, products, services, product launches, or other meaningful news. It’s designed to generate interest in what your company has to offer by using language and facts that attract the attention of journalists and editors.

Typically, press releases are issued by companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, or individuals to announce a new product, service, event, or development, such as a new hire, a merger, or a change in leadership. 

Press releases usually include key details such as the date, location, and time of the event and quotes from key individuals involved. A press release aims to generate media coverage and public awareness of the announcement.

The Purpose and Importance of a Press Release 

Why should you even bother writing a news release? Well, press releases are important for a variety of reasons. Some of the main things you get from writing a good press release are: 

  • Generating media coverage: Press releases are a way for you to share your company’s news and announcements with the media in the hopes of getting coverage in newspapers, magazines, television, and online news outlets.
  • Building credibility: By issuing a press release, you can demonstrate that your business is credible and legitimate and that your news is important enough to be shared with the media.
  • Establishing thought leadership: Press releases can be used to position an organization or individual as an expert in a particular field or industry.
  • Reaching a broad audience: Press releases can reach a large audience through media coverage and can also be shared on social media platforms and your website, helping to spread the news far and wide.
  • Building relationships with the media: Press releases can help you build relationships with members of the media, who can become valuable contacts for future news and announcements.

Your press release is a meaningful tool to inform media outlets and the public about newsworthy events in your company. By writing a compelling press release, you can reach thousands of potential customers who may be interested in what you have to offer. The more professional and informative your press release looks, the better your chance of getting it picked up and shared. So, you should master the art of writing engaging and compelling press releases. 

How to Write an Effective Press Release: Expert Tips

Sitting down and quickly jotting down your company news simply won’t do. In order to actually get results from your news release, you need to put time and effort into crafting a compelling piece of content. We know it sounds daunting, but don’t worry – we’re here to help. Check out our expert tips below and start writing your announcement the right way. 

You Need to Hook Them 

Whenever you’re trying to capture the reader’s attention and get them to read your text, you need to say something that will hook them. The same goes for writing a press release and trying to get news coverage. 

First impressions matter and they can make or break your announcement. So, writing an intriguing hook at the beginning of your press release is the first and crucial step. Use a catchy headline, quote, or statistic to grab their attention and make them interested in your release.

Be Direct and Straight to the Point

Whenever you’re writing content, there’s one crucial rule to remember: quality over quantity. Keep your press release short and to the point. People don’t have time to read long texts, so make sure everything you write is relevant and useful. 

Get straight to the point in your first paragraph, keeping it simple and informative. Give just enough detail in the body of the press release—you can elaborate more on the topic later.

Another thing worth noting is that you should avoid redundancies in your text. Don’t try to fill up the space by reiterating the same point over and over again. Be mindful of your words and the structure of your text. You should have a clear idea of what you want to say and how you want to say it. Don’t just wing it – plan ahead. That’s how you can be sure you’re concise, precise, and direct. 

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What’s Your Word Count? 

As mentioned before, you should aim to keep your press release brief and concise. The ideal length of a press release is between 400-500 words. Anything longer than that can be difficult to read and understand. 

So make sure that the message you’re trying to convey is clear and precise within the word count limit. Don’t forget to proofread your work and double-check for any grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Include The Big Five Ws

Who, what, when, where, why? These five words are essential for any press release. Make sure you include all the important details, like who this announcement is about and what it involves, when it’s happening (or happened), where it will take place, and why people should care about it. 

These five W’s are the backbone of your press release, so make sure to answer them in a clear and informative way. This way, you’re giving the reader the full picture and all the information they need to understand the significance of what you’re announcing.

Provide Statistics

Statistics and expert opinions are powerful tools to make your announcement more credible. Don’t forget to include facts and figures, as they are a great way to illustrate your point. Statistics can add value to your text and make it more persuasive – but don’t overdo it. Keep it relevant. 

Source the References You Cite

A press release should be written in an objective manner. That’s why it’s important to source the information you include in your text. Include links to the sources you’re mentioning so the journalist can easily access all the information. 

Make sure that all of your references are credible and trustworthy. This will contribute to the credibility of your text and, thereby, your company.

Insert Quotes 

Quotes from experts, clients, and customers can add a personal touch to your press release and make it more engaging. They can also support the story you’re telling and make it more trustworthy. 

When quoting someone, make sure it is a relevant source – someone with prestige in the field or industry you’re writing about. This will give your press release an extra boost of credibility. 

So, choose one or two quotes that are relevant to the topic of your announcement and include them in your text. This will help capture the reader’s attention and make it easier for them to understand what you want to say. 

Include Contact Information

Including contact information in your press release is essential for ensuring that your message can reach its intended audience. By including contact details, you can ensure that media outlets have the resources and contacts they need to cover the story. It also provides a way for readers to reach out with any questions or comments they may have.

Having contact details listed on the press release also helps to build credibility for your organization. It shows that you are open and willing to answer any questions related to the news story.

Don’t Forget The Call To Action

Including a call to action (CTA) in your press release is essential for driving readers to take the desired action. CTAs provide direction and guidance to the reader, encouraging them to engage with your business. 

Whether you are trying to increase website visits or boost sales, a well-crafted CTA can be key. So, finish off with a little nudge to your readers, telling them how to engage with you.

Proofread Before Hitting Send

Before you hit send on that press release, you want to ensure it’s completely error-free. Double-check for any typos, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors. Make sure there are no redundant phrases or sentences in your text. The last thing you want is for a mistake to distract from the news story itself. 

Ready, Set, Send!

With all these tips and tricks in mind, you’re ready to write a newsworthy announcement and get people talking about your business. Implement all these and keep the purpose of the announcement in mind while writing. Stick to the point, be clear and concise, and show that you know what you’re talking about.

If you need help from the experts, you can always reach out to us and get our PR services to help you write the perfect release and let your business grow and thrive!

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