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The vast world of financial technology is a booming industry. Launching a Fintech is hard. Scaling, thriving, and surviving is harder. Play media helps Fintech companies scale up by creating unique marketing strategies that accelerate quality customer acquisition and organic growth.

From implementation to execution and beyond, our team of forward-thinking specialists crafts custom marketing strategies that enable Fintech companies to grow, sustain, and scale.

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We are creators, thinkers, crafters, and strategists endlessly inspired by the products, services, people, and teams we serve. Our passion is providing Fintech companies with creative, industry-driven expertise and effective marketing strategies their businesses need to grow.

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Skyrocket Your Fintech Business Growth with Play Media

Although defined as the final group of all the marketing techniques necessary to improve and deliver the services a financial technology company has to offer, Fintech marketing is far more than the sum of its parts. Instead, it demands a carefully tailored campaign, crafted by an industry expert highly attuned to the needs of financial services industries.

The future of your company deserves the focused expertise of a marketing team that’s not only familiar with the financial industry but knows it intimately. Where you are now matters, and where you’re going means everything.

We’d love to help you get there.

It All Starts with an SEO Audit

The first step towards growing your brand and revenue is determining the current state of matters and the starting point of the process.

We’ll perform an exhaustive SEO audit on your website using a combination of tried and true tools to review all aspects of your website from its design and functionality to SEO best practices and security.

Once our team is done, we’ll report our findings back to you, along with a detailed explanation and recommended actionable steps towards resolving the issues we’ve found.
Get your complimentary SEO audit and find out what you need to do to improve your organic traffic.

How Do We Power Your Digital Sucess?

We turn high-level Fintech marketing concepts into high-performing digital experiences aligned with your Fintech aspirations that deliver real results. Explore our all-inclusive Fintech services that combine sophisticated marketing techniques with in-depth industry knowledge to catalyze your growth:


Audit & Consultation

Our digital marketing expertise and wealth of knowledge of financial markets make us the go-to digital growth agency for Fintech businesses. Add value and credibility to your business with our vast experience in the industry. Let our team look under the hood of your website, competition, marketing content, and SEO performance and supercharge your pipeline.


Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

An effective marketing plan starts with a thoughtful strategy – a roadmap to achieving your online business goals and activating powerful brand and revenue growth. We align our delivery to your goals by getting to know you and your business. 

A deep analysis of your business, customers, and market allows us to craft a powerful framework for all your Fintech marketing content, assets, and communications, optimized and refined based on your business goals, ongoing performance metrics, and data.


Customer Acquisition & Growth

Driving growth goes beyond the top of the funnel. And, it often takes an extra set of brains and experience. When you partner with Play Media, you get a multi-channel strategy focused on reaching, converting, and nurturing your target audience. We define customer acquisition strategies that combine your insights with our experience to elevate your brand and generate high-quality leads.  

We pair them up with other lead nurturing tactics to consistently drive engagement and build a pathway to growth that you can depend on and scale over time.


Content Creation & Marketing

You need compelling marketing content for your Fintech online presence and lead generation campaigns to attract and nurture your buyer personas. We deliver thought-leadership and unique SEO-optimised content, tailored to your target audience. By learning where your target audience is and what they look for, we then use powerful advertising tools to turn content into conversion and revenue.


Personalized SEO Strategy

Our SEO specialists use the latest tools and techniques to increase your Fintech website’s visibility, attract the right audience and improve authority, whilst fixing technical issues to remove any barriers to growth. We research and target the keywords and phrases your customers use and work to position you on top of SERPs.

No gimmicks – just proven, financial service-centric marketing campaigns designed to ensure your top financial prospects find your website when they need it.


Continuous Support & Transparency

Your Fintech business journey isn’t over once it’s set up – it’s just getting started. Our team works side-by-side with you every step of the way. Our regular reports help us plan the next steps, together, for continued success and through transparent communication.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions for Fintech Companies

We are creators, thinkers, crafters, and strategists endlessly inspired by the products, services, people, and teams we serve. Our passion is providing Fintech companies with creative, industry-driven expertise and effective marketing strategies their businesses need to grow.

Rise above the noise, so your company not only survives but thrives with Play Media.


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