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Meetup: Navigating the Future of B2B Lead Generation

Objavljeno: November 29, 2023 / Events | Play&MeetUp
28 November, 2023 18:00
Cara Dušana 49, Novi Sad

CEO & Founder of Play Media shared valuable insights on lead generation, inbound and outbound marketing, all in the context of a digital marketing agency. The event was hosted in the premises of Play Media on November 28th.


The meetup provided a unique platform for participants to delve deeper into the intricacies of B2B marketing, explore innovative sales tactics, and gain a comprehensive understanding of both inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Mladen Maksić, drawing from the rich history of Play Media, explained the evolution of the company’s sales methodologies as it navigated the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

As the evening unfolded, participants actively engaged with the speaker, posing thought-provoking questions that predominantly revolved around client nurturing and the discerning criteria for successful outbound marketing.

A pivotal segment of the meetup delved into the role of marketing agencies in times of stagflation, shedding light on strategies to thrive in challenging economic landscapes. The event successfully fostered an environment of knowledge exchange and networking, leaving attendees equipped with actionable insights to enhance their approach to lead generation in the digital realm.

The event reached its culmination with an intriguing discussion on the integration of AI in the realm of B2B lead generation. Both the speaker and participants explored the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize and enhance the effectiveness of lead generation strategies. This forward-looking dialogue exemplified Play Media’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and fostering a community of professionals equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of digital marketing.


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