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Navigating EBRD’s Advisory Support for Small and Medium Enterprises

Objavljeno: October 17, 2023 / Events | Play&MeetUp
28 September, 2023 19:00
Cara Dušana 49, Novi Sad

The event unfolded on Thursday, September 28, 2023, commencing at 7:00 PM, within the premises of Play Media, which served as the backdrop for a compelling meetup titled “Navigating EBRD’s Advisory Support for Small and Medium Enterprises.” The distinguished speaker for the evening was Dejan Tonić.

At its core, the gathering aimed to enlighten proprietors of small and medium enterprises on the extensive support ecosystem offered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The thematic focus extended to fostering growth, achieving operational success, and catalyzing development at both local and regional tiers.
The audience, a diverse assembly of small and medium enterprise owners and managers, delved into profound insights regarding the untapped potential for their ventures, made possible through the substantive backing of EBRD. The meetup not only facilitated a physical presence, attracting 13 individuals, but also garnered an additional engagement of 7 participants through online channels.

The triumphant outcome of the event emanated from the presence of an outstanding speaker, Dejan Tonić, whose delivery captivated the audience. The interactive dynamics between the speaker and the attendees played a pivotal role, fostering a rich exchange of ideas. Moreover, the post-official proceedings were characterized by informal conversations, creating an invaluable space for forging new connections, establishing acquaintances, and exploring potential collaborative ventures.
In essence, beyond the formalities of the scheduled program, the meetup provided a fertile ground for the cultivation of relationships and partnerships, setting the stage for a collaborative future within the realms of small and medium enterprise development and EBRD’s support initiatives.

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