Ultimate Guide to the 10 Best Content Writing Tools for SEO

Ultimate Guide to the 10 Best Content Writing Tools for SEO

Today’s marketing efforts heavily rely on on-page content. Pages that rank high for their keywords have high-quality and engaging content that serves the search intent of visitors who end up on those pages. If you are a website owner or a content writer in digital marketing, your SERP ranking will benefit tremendously from content writing tools.

Not only that, but you will save valuable time and money by using free tools or investing in paid quality writing tools.

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Just as there is an overflow of content on the web, there are also heaps of options to pick for advancing your research, writing process, and other on-page optimization efforts.

To make the content creation process easier for you, we rounded up the 10 best content writing tools that will leave you with readable and grammatically correct content that engages and converts.

Why Do You Need Content Writing Tools

There are many on-page factors that impact your ranking. To help your search engine optimization efforts, you need to make data-driven decisions. In other words, you’re not just writing for the sake of it. Your writing should be based on keyword research and topics, and you should pay attention to how long a blog post should be.

For your content to be digestible and ensure that your SEO efforts aren’t in vain, your website will do well with content writing tools.

Content editing tools help you:

  • Plan content
  • Draft content
  • Edit content by checking spelling and grammar
  • Make content accessible to target audiences

Content writing tools have advanced so much in recent years that many of them have automated requirements, making your content strategy job easier. So, if you’re eager to cut back on the time spent on SEO efforts, you’re in the right place.

Let’s kick off our list of best content writing tools and how exactly they can help your website rank better and attract more leads.



Rounding Up the 10 Best Content Writing Tools

Content creation tools come with all sorts of helpful features. Your best bet is to pick a few of them to use in your content writing process since some of them will serve you best just as an interface for writing, while others will be of immeasurable help for real-time SEO content writing.

To seize your chance for writing outstanding content, check out the writing tools and content software we singled out for your website.

Google Search Console

Best for: Finding out how your pages are performing in SERPs

Pricing: Free for website owners

Google’s proprietary tool can help you elevate your SERP rankings (search engine result page rankings) thanks to its many features:

  • Monitor overall page performance
  • Find out your webpage load time
  • Check your current SERP ranking
  • Find out which pages are ranking for particular keywords
  • Discover how many impressions and clicks have your pages gotten in SERPs

If you’re a website owner, Google Search Console is one of the basics to master. It’s a window into your website’s performance that tells you what content to optimize and which keywords to target.

Google Keyword Planner

Best for: Discovering keywords and essential keyword metrics

Pricing: There is a paid version, but the basic free version offered for those with a Google Ads account is of tremendous help, as well.

This well-known keyword planning tool helps you in two key ways. Google Keyword Planner can:

  • Let’s you find new and related keywords: And it’s easy! Just type in any keyword to get a list of related keywords. That makes finding new keywords to target for search engine optimization much easier.
  • Offers useful keyword metrics: We’re mainly referring to search volume and forecasts. With these two metrics, identifying keywords and topics that are growing in popularity becomes much easier.


Best for: Basic SEO keyword research and getting keyword metrics

Pricing: Certain features are free. Paid monthly subscription with over 40 marketing tools starts at $99.95 per month

WordStream focuses on the same goal as the Google Keyword Planner – find useful keywords and see their metrics. Type in the keyword related to your niche, pick an industry and let WordStream know what’s your location. That will get you a hefty list of applicable keywords, along with their search volumes on Google and Bing. You won’t have to do the guesswork while looking for effective keywords. Even though it is mostly aimed at PPC marketers, it’s great for basic SEO keyword research. You will narrow and direct your focus both for advertising campaigns and your content strategies.


Best for: Keyword research and SEO audits

Pricing: Free trial, with pricing beginning at $199.95 a month

There’s a big chance you’re already accustomed to SEMrush, or at least heard about it. Digital marketers get a slew of useful features that can elevate their content – from performing keyword research to performing website SEO audits. All of that equips you with useful knowledge you can use to modify your approach to content creation for your website.

For instance, you don’t just find the most relevant keywords, but the most profitable ones, too. SEMrush is also a window to your competition and the volumes they generate.

Key features include:

  • Discovering keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Collecting keyword phrases matches
  • Discovering the potential for ad campaigns through advertising trends

Yoast SEO

Best for: Real-time on-page SEO optimization for WordPress websites.

Pricing: Basic version is free. Yoast SEO premium pricing begins at $89 per month for a single website license.

Are you one of many website owners that saved time and effort by creating a WordPress website? Then get ready for its star plug-in: Yoast SEO.

As you create blog posts, Yoast SEO will let you know in real-time which titbits need adjusting and improvement for your article to be optimized. The Yoast SEO plug-in acts as a built-in checklist tool that shows which on-page WordPress SEO tasks need tweaking.

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Best for: One-stop research, writing, and SEO optimization tool for blog posts

Pricing: Starts at $44.99 a month, but keep in mind that you need to purchase the SEO add-on feature separately.

We didn’t want to appear biased and list Frase all the way at the top of our list (not that we’re ranking them by any criteria), but this is our favorite tool at the moment. Actually, this blog itself post was created in Frase. That allowed us to save some extra time and effort.

This all-around SEO optimization tool has a user-friendly interface that will save you from getting lost in multiple tabs. How so? Here’s an overview of Frase’s star features:

  • Suggesting great long-tail keywords, topics, and clusters
  • Providing an easy overview of the context for recommended keywords and questions
  • Offering an accurate and detailed SEO optimization score that makes tweaking content easier than ever
  • Displaying the SERP page for your focus keyword on one side of the screen. Say goodbye to alt-tabbing all the time.
  • Showing useful comparison information between your context and that of competitors
  • Offering the options of multiple tabs within the app, allowing for you to add a content brief or other information for your writers.


Best for: Getting tailored writing suggestions and checking grammar and spelling

Pricing: Basic version free. The annual price is $12 a month. Otherwise, it comes out to $30 a month.

Undoubtedly one of the best-known content writing tools out there. You can either access the Grammarly website or install an extension on your browser that checks your content for spelling errors in real-time.

When you access the website of this grammar checker and copy your content to have it analyzed, Grammarly will ask you for some information about your content. It will want for you to choose your:

  • Audience
  • Formality
  • Domain
  • Tone
  • Intent

Why is choosing these goals valuable? By getting into the specifics of your goals, you will get tailored writing suggestions that help you approach your target audience better. Much better than a one-size-fits-all approach to suggestions.

Another benefit is the built-in plagiarism checker tool that covers 16 billion pages.

Surfer SEO

Best for: Straightforward SEO optimization

Pricing: Begins at $59 per month

One of the most popular tools out there at the moment. It works in a way similar to Frase – for instance, it has an easy-to-use interface for writing. But, you can also install an extension on your browser and thus integrate Surfer with your Google Docs.

This user-friendly content writing tool is easy to master and intuitive. Checking out your content optimization level can be done in a matter of seconds, with information on length, keywords, and headings all being detailed.

Hemingway App

Best for: Simplifying your writing

Pricing: Free

A classic. If you’ve been messing around with content and copywriting for some time now, the chances are you’ve heard of this application.

The app is free. You access the Hemingway App by simply navigating to the website, opening it, and copy-pasting your content.

The program helps simplify your writing by color-coding suggestions. It marks:

  • Lengthy sentences
  • Dense sentences
  • Common errors, such as too much passive voice
  • Words you could switch for more suitable synonyms
  • Weakening phrases

The Hemingway App also lets you format your text swiftly.


Best for: Checking for content plagiarism and originality

Pricing: Free version exists, but the premium version provides superior detection of plagiarism. Pricing starts at 3 cents per search.

Copyscape is one of the best online plagiarism tools you can find. It lets you check if the text you wrote has parts that are similar to content that was already published on the web. So, are you just checking to see if you are repeating yourself? Or do you want to make sure you’re not expressing yourself in a way that’s too similar to other businesses in your niche? Whatever your case is – Copyscape has your back.

By using this online tool, you avoid getting into legal hurdles with other online publishers.

Some of Copyscape’s prize features include:

  • Detailed search results that tell you how much of your content appears plagiarized (in percentages)
  • Inexpensive premium version
  • User-friendly interface
  • Alerts for all matching content

Other Content Writing Tools to Check Out

To Conclude

Content marketing is a dominating form of digital marketing that allows you to approach business growth through the creative power of the written word. You walk away from your job knowing that you packed your message in a way that feels like raising awareness and attracting prospective loyal buyers to your brand.

To get the most out of your marketing efforts, experiment with the tools above to see which ones serve your cause the most. While some of the free tools will surely check the boxes you need, you will probably find that quality SEO is hard to come by without a few invested bucks. So don’t skip out on premium versions of software. Book a demo, make use of a discount or ask for a trial version. Once you get the hang of paid versions of these tools, you’ll begin to understand why people invest money to save money.

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Our above-mentioned content writing tools can collectively make your content vibrant, engaging, and a way to drive your ROI to new heights.


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