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What is Content Marketing? Your Complete Go-To Guide

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Whether you are working in marketing or not, you have probably heard of the term Content Marketing. Let’s face it, it’s everywhere around us, you know how they say Content is king. That’s all right, but there are still questions that need to be answered, especially if you are a beginner in the digital marketing world. 

Let’s start with basics, so what is exactly Content Marketing?

We can put it like this, Content Marketing is the strategic approach designed to create and distribute relevant, valuable, and consistent content to acquire a clearly defined audience. If you are running a business this can help you boost sales, engage with your customers, and improve brand awareness.

It’s not a secret that content is the heart of marketing. It’s pretty logical, just ask yourself, what do we post on social media? What SEOs optimize for search engines? 

The answer is simple – Content.

So now, when we clarified that, let’s concentrate more on the different types of content marketing. Below are some of the most popular content marketing examples.


Social Media Content Marketing

Content Marketing on Social Medias - Play Media

 A day doesn’t pass by, without people using social media. There are 3.8 billion users worldwide. When you take that into account it makes perfect sense why so many businesses invest in social media. 

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedln, Snapchat, and even TikTok are perfect for sharing content.

All of these platforms are allowing you to easily connect with your audience. You must understand who your audience is in order to create the content that engages the audience. The good thing about social media is that it allows you to reach people who are outside of your target audience. 

Before, making content for social media, you need to answer a couple of questions. What is the goal of this channel? What is the right tone for this Channel? What is the desired question? There will be some more info on this later in the Guide.


Blogging is the Key

Man Writing a Blog on his Laptop - Play Media

Blogs can be a perfect way to convert readers into clients, increase awareness of the brand, and build relationships with your audience. Blogging can be a key to your content marketing strategy. 

To begin with, blogging is perfect for SEO and it is well known that SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. Blogging helps you to drag the audience to your website from social media and SEO. Google adores blogging, so your content is more likely to be found in organic search. It is also affordable which is a huge plus.

Food Blogger Shooting a Video - Play Media

Since we have realized that ‘video killed the radio star’, one thing is clear, people love videos! According to the latest research, over 50% of consumers say they want to see videos from the brands they are interested in. 

Video marketing can boost conversations and build closer relationships with your clients. Sometimes it is not easy to create video content. For most people, a camera can be pretty scary, but once you overcome that you can focus on the script and make some awesome videos. 

Even though Facebook and Instagram videos are very popular, you need to focus on YouTube. Believe it or not, YouTube is more popular than both Facebook and Instagram. On  YouTube, your content can be seen even months or years after you upload it which is a huge benefit.


Powerful Infographics 

Viral Content Infographic for Content Marketing - Play Media

Source: Backlinko

Infographics are a graphical visualization of information, data, or ideas. Infographics drive traffic to your website. 

It improves awareness of your brand and enhances the reputation of your content. Infographics display data, content, and information in a graphical format which is easy to understand. 

Being easy- to understand is important because people don’t like anything complicated.


This one is pretty easy to recognize and understand. You can share your paid ad contents on social media or publish digital ads on websites in different forms, such as banners or sponsor contents. 

Paid ads help you to reach a large audience. The key to paid ad content marketing is good targeting.


Good Old Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaign - Play Media

Email marketing is like the evergreen album that never got out of date. It’s not only an important trend in 2020 but it is still one of the most effective content distribution channels. It’s one of the keys to content marketing.

Sometimes it’s difficult to build or grow an email list, to do this, it’s important to attract people with a compelling offer. The perfect way to do it is to send exclusive content and not only links to your latest blogs. 

If you are thinking about the best way for sharing your content, the answer is simple – newsletters. Adding some exclusive content to your newsletters is a jackpot.


Podcasting is a Thing

Vintage Microphone With On Air Broadcast Sign - Play Media

We can listen to podcasts pretty much whenever we want. It is perfectly convenient to listen to it on your way home from work, or during the lunch break, etc. 

Only in the USA, over 6 million people listen to podcasts. It became a new storytelling platform. That is one of the reasons why it is so powerful to include podcasting as a part of your marketing strategy. 

It is easier to connect with your target audience in this way. When creating a podcast, it is very important to make sure that person podcasting is excited and passionate, if not, there is a risk of sounding fake.

We have looked at the various forms of digital marketing that you might apply to your approach.

Now, let’s focus on content marketing strategies.


Marketing strategy

Content Marketing as Part of Marketing Strategy - Play Media

Have a Clear Vision of Your Ideas

Before you even start with your strategy, you need to have a clear vision of your company. That may sound too obvious to even talk about it, but you have to ask yourself a question, What are we doing? What do we want to accomplish in the future? What is our goal? 

Before you dig into strategies it’s very important to have a plan.

Make Sure You Define Your Audience

You need to know who you are talking to. If you don’t know that nothing else is possible. You need to analyze all sorts of things like:

  • Demographic info refers to age, gender, location, etc.
  • What channels do they use to communicate? Are they more into Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?
  • Who they listen to? Who are they looking up to?
  • What are their pain points?
  • When you have met your audience you pass to the next step.

After targeting your audience, you need to define channels or platforms you will be marketing on. If you are creating blog content you will use a blog as your channel. If you decide to go with Infographics, for example, you need to make a decision on which channel you will be sharing it on. Pretty simple isn’t it?

Content Audit

Website Content Audit for Content Marketing Strategy - Play Media

People often confuse this term with a content strategy but it’s a part of it, a very important part that you need to understand well if you want to make a strategy that works. It’s an in-depth look at the content you have already created. 

First, you need to create an inventory of those you have designed before, then you need to expand it by describing it. You need to describe the topic, what is your content about? Length is also important. Is it long or short? What do your readers prefer? Define the tone of the content. Is it funny? Professional? 

Relevance is next. How relevant is the topic for your business? And at the end, features What types of content are we talking about? Does it have proper SEO? 

Once you figure all of that out, you need to add success metrics (traffic, engagement metrics, social shares). Before you pass to the next level of developing strategies you need to analyze data for patterns and gaps. This is important because it allows you to compare large sets of data.

Set Effective Goals

Marketing Agency Employees Setting the Effective Goals - Play Media

Even though it’s necessary to have a goal at the beginning of this whole process now is time to articulate that and set certain goals for your content. Formulate them clearly and reasonably. It’s advised to create a couple of goals for your content.

Before wrapping this up, let’s just go through some of the benefits that content marketing gives to your business.

Indirect and Direct Client Conversions

How many times you ran into an interesting post on Facebook or Instagram and you wanted to know more about certain companies or products? The answer is – many times. Why is that?

Because you are creating content for your target audience that are your potential customers. What is super interesting is that content doesn’t even have to mention directly the product they’re selling.

This is how you indirectly influence your clients. On the other hand, when you have some awesome descriptions of your product, that can convince people that you have something good to offer, they will go for it. This is called direct client conversion and it works perfectly.

Powerful Brand

I’m not going to lie, it takes time to set a powerful brand. How do we know that something became a brand? Well, people talk. They’re passing recommendations. How you start people talking? With some awesome content.

If you want to make a brand you need to have good content, but don’t forget the golden rule: quality > quantity!

Stronger SEO

Content Marketing for SEO - Play Media

Content benefits SEO, that’s a fact. One of the most important things is to have good keywords, so you can conduct keyword research for SEO.

 All in all, good content will attract editorial links, Google, like we already said, adores it, so it can also crawl your content. The point is, without content there is no SEO.


Reality check

All of these benefits are not coming easily. Don’t forget  I’m not talking about an overnight success, it takes time. At first, you need a lot of effort to start this going, be aware that the results will come eventually but not right away.

A lot of marketers give up just before their success because they thought that what they are doing is not working. Sometimes you need to change a strategy but sometimes you are just on the right track even though it looks like the opposite.

No, I didn’t forget the crucial question, so what about money??

This is the fun part, you can succeed even without a lot of money. Even with minimal upkeep, a certain page can attract millions of views. If you are short on money just try to target a little more carefully and make sure you are working on the quality of the content. The Internet is a wild place, don’t forget, everything is possible!

Man Working Remotely From his Home Office - Play Media

At the beginning of this go-to guide, I mentioned the phrase content is king, for some people this might be negotiable, which is alright, describe it as you like it but one thing is true, it’s extremely important. Content marketing is crucial for marketing entirely.

Content can discover you, content is the present and future of marketing because there’s no marketing without it. If you dig a bit deeper you will realize that content marketing is not a new thing, maybe the term is, but the idea was here a long time ago. It’s all about storytelling right?

People have been telling stories since forever, everyone just likes to hear a good story and the attention goes to the storyteller.

Back in 1732, Benjamin Franklin published the first version of his Poor Richard’s Almanack. He did it because he wanted to advertise the new printing business, so he printed his Almanack to encourage others to do the same. 

Even today in 2020 we can say this was a great strategy. Even though the strategies have been changing over the years the formula for good content hasn’t changed that much.

I hope I made it easier to understand the power of content and what we can do with it.  If people were doing it in 1732 you can do it now. Hang in there!

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