Digital Marketing: Company Culture & Recruitment

Digital Marketing: Company Culture & Recruitment

Company Culture & Recruitment Process in Digital Marketing


While businesses and marketers worldwide are busy chasing after the latest marketing trends, cutting-edge tactics, and SEO tools to rise above the noise and make it in the bustling digital industry, they seem to let a simple yet crucial ingredient for digital success slip their minds – the people and relationships behind it.

Are you struggling to find the right candidates for your business? Are employee morale, satisfaction, and teamwork an issue in your company? Is your turnover higher than it should be? It may be time to take a closer look at your company culture. A lot more than just a trendy buzzword, company culture can make or break not only your collective but your entire business.

Find out how company culture and the selection process are inherently intertwined and how to leverage this powerful duo in tandem to sit on top of the throne in the digital marketing realm with the right people by your side.

What Is Company Culture, Exactly?

Company culture, also known as “organizational culture,” “corporate culture,” or “workplace culture,” refers to a shared set of values, attitudes, goals, practices, and standards that make up a work environment of a business. It’s the sum of formal and informal day-to-day systems and activities that create an overall employee experience.

Company culture encompasses many factors, including the work environment, company mission, leadership style, values, ethics, expectations, and goals. It’s the glue that holds a company and its employees together. A company’s culture may not be explicitly written but is clearly reflected in the actions and behaviors of its employees and is something you can feel, even as a bystander or a customer.

Key Elements of a Good Company Culture

Organizational culture is difficult to define and can feel like a moving target to get “ just right.” But, in reality, there is no universal recipe or magic formula for great company culture. Each company is unique, and thus company culture is not a concept set in stone – it’s all about figuring out what works best for your company.

How your organization will approach crafting its own culture is totally up to you. Nonetheless, some of the key indicators and examples of strong, healthy company culture include:

  •       A teamwork and collaboration-fostering work environment
  •       Alignment between company and individual goals, values, and actions
  •       Opportunities for professional growth and development
  •       A sense of trust, transparency, and appreciation
  •       Workplace flexibility and a healthy work-life balance
  •       Compassion and respect for employees

Why Digital Success Requires a Healthy Company Culture

Companies are often baffled by workplace culture since much of it is anchored in unspoken behaviors, mindsets, and social patterns. So, more often than not, it goes unmanaged or becomes a secondary concern. Yet, a stumbling block many companies trip over is the lack of a healthy one. Properly managed, however, the right company culture can help build bullet-proof organizations that thrive in even the most trying times.

Although often overlooked and underappreciated, company culture is a major impediment to digital success. While an elaborate and well-rounded digital marketing strategy is the foundation of a digital marketing agency or any business threading online marketing waters, strong company culture is vital for its implementation and execution. And, without proper execution, even the best strategies are nothing but wishful thinking.

Company culture can be one of the most powerful weapons in a digital marketing company’s arsenal that can directly impact business outcomes. It’s an extension or perhaps the very source of your brand’s uniqueness. It’s what makes your company run like a well-oiled machine and builds teams that can move digital mountains and weather any storms.

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Benefits of a Strong Company Culture in Digital Marketing

The greatest asset of a company is its people. Thus, the importance of company culture goes far beyond the “office vibes”. From employee recruitment to employee retention and performance, company culture will directly impact every facet of your business.

A bad company organization can doom your success in the digital marketing world. The right corporate culture, on the other hand, can help your company walk the talk, attract and retain top talent, improve employee engagement and performance and gain a sustainable competitive edge in today’s saturated market.

  1. Employer Branding That Speaks Volumes

Promoting your company culture is a powerful tool to set your company apart in the modern age. Culture-centric branding and messaging may be just what you need to break through the online clutter. It’s a different advertising approach than you may be used to, but people are hungry for something beyond the familiar.

Many companies have forgotten they sell their products or services to actual people. People care about the experience, not just the end product. They want genuine connections – modern consumers’ priority is doing business with brands that share their personal values and that they can trust and relate to. By cultivating a powerful and authentic company culture and using it as the cornerstone for all of your marketing initiatives, your company can naturally stand out.

Every piece of marketing and sales material you produce, every campaign you launch, and every public message you release should reflect your company’s culture that personalizes and humanizes your brand. It’s about storytelling and sharing your passion. After all, brands are created in the consumer’s mind, and your company culture allows you to lead by example and embed itself there.

  2. A Dream Team with Unmatched Performance 

Business performance often comes down to a cultural challenge rather than simply a technical one. Digital company culture is crucial for effective day-to-day functioning as it guides all teams and employees towards a shared vision. It helps create agile, united, and cross-functional teams that are flexible, cooperative, and empowered instead of being locked into a single department or function without a clear mission in sight.

Happy employees are the ones that are part of a company culture that puts an emphasis on cooperation and their well-being, encourages individual growth as much as company growth, and fosters trust and transparency. And happy teams make dedicated teams that are more productive, motivated, and creative and remain for the long haul. 

When an organization has a good company culture, employees are engaged, committed, and excited to come to work – and that stretches from brand new employees all the way up to the leadership. There is alignment between the vision and core values of the company and how they actually manifest in the workplace. And, being a workplace to wish for is the difference between being an average company and a great one.

  3. Recruitment Matches Made in Heaven

Employees should be at the heart of any company – they’re the key pieces of the mechanism that makes a company tick. Poor matches between your company culture and employees will often result in a broken system and a high turnover. A great culture, on the other hand, attracts and breeds great talent. This, in turn, brushes off on customers, as well – customers will never love a company until the current employees do, first.

Company culture has become an increasingly important consideration for candidates looking for the best job opportunities, professionally and personally. More than ever, they are drawn to transparent, motivating, and supportive work environments. Luckily, digital marketing is no longer just a means to find and attract customers – it’s also an amazing way to engage in talent acquisition.

By highlighting the humanity, values, and ideologies behind your organization’s culture, you can showcase what life under your company’s roof is really like when searching for fresh talent and, thus, attract qualified candidates who resonate with it and naturally fit in through your recruitment process.



Company Culture and the Recruiting Process in Digital Marketing: How It All Connects

Culture is to recruiting what product is to marketing. Shaping your company culture is half done with the right people in your corner, so the impact of company culture on your hiring process cannot be overstated. Regardless of the type of position you’re recruiting for, you can’t attract candidates with the values you’re looking for if your company doesn’t practice what it preaches.

In an environment where more organizations than you can count compete over top-end talent, showcasing the unique benefits your company culture offer to its employees can be the key to unlocking the way to build an effective team that resonates with it. And that means building a company culture your potential candidates will fall head over heels for and effectively communicating that culture across all talent touchpoints.

As a result, it will organically attract ideal candidates who can see themselves as part of your team and are a good cultural fit, meaning that their beliefs and behaviors are in alignment with the company’s core values. After all, finding the right person for the job sometimes means finding the person who fits in best with your company culture, not the one with the best background.

Recruitment Efforts Aligned with the Organization Culture: A Powerful Tandem

If you then invest in company culture on a foundational level, you can build a whole lot on top of it – including a top-notch recruitment funnel and a successful, authentic, and beloved business people will stand in line to sign up for and interact with. Target candidates whose values align with your corporate culture to improve not only your company’s morale and environment but the overall performance of your business and, consequently, its revenue as well.

Build and foster a healthy corporate culture people would consider themselves lucky to be a part of, then market it to the right candidate pools to recruit and retain top talent that is a natural fit. Adorn your digital and social channels with storytelling that tells your customers and your future applicants all about your company and its culture. Let your company’s culture and core values be your voice, echo through everything you do, and speak for themselves. 

Connecting the Dots: Set up Your Hiring and Workplace Culture for Digital Success

Company culture is a naturally occurring phenomenon — your work team will develop a culture, intentionally or not. Why not use it to your advantage and make it a part of your recruiting process, too? The benefits are more than worth it.

Whether you’re an industry leader adapting to the fast-paced digital age or a company team member taking the initiative, take a step back and reflect on your company’s culture and whether it enables or hinders your success. 

If you’re not in love with your work culture and recruiting process, it’s never too late to turn things around. After all, innovation distinguishes leaders from followers.

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