Clutch Spotlights Play Media as a 2022 Top SEO Company in Miami

by Mladen Maksic | Aug 10, 2022

Our team was built from the ground up with customer satisfaction and commitment to goals at their core. We’ve helped countless companies find their voice and get to the next level through a focused application of our processes.

Today we mark an important milestone in our company’s history. This is because Clutch just named us as one of the top B2B companies in Miami for 2022.


Clutch is an online review and rating platform primarily serving the B2B industry. They accomplish this by using a unique verification process that authenticates the information sent to them before it is published in review form.

clutch spotlights play media as top seo company in miami review

As a market research firm, Clutch’s criteria for determining the recipients of their awards is fairly straightforward. The vendors who are able to earn the most high-quality verified reviews from their clients are rewarded with becoming industry leaders.

“As a team, we are delighted to receive the Clutch Award. For us, it means our efforts and quality of work are being recognized, and we will continue to strive for excellence, helping clients achieve their business goals.”
– Mladen Maksic, CEO of Play Media.

The positive developments for our team don’t stop there. The visual and creative portfolio platform Visual Objects also included us in their list of top social media agencies in Miami.

None of these developments would be possible without the support and patronage of our clients. It’s the publication of their honest thoughts on our work that helped us raise our status as a high-quality service provider.

Learn why our clients and third-party platforms are heaping high praise on our team by visiting our website. You may contact our team via phone or email to begin a partnership for your next project. We look forward to hearing from you.


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