by Mladen Maksic | Oct 03, 2023
Organic traffic:
From 0 to 7210/month
Incrased by: INF%

Organic Keywords:
From 0 to 8942/month
Incrased by: INF%

Referring domains:
From 14 to 233/month
Incrased by: 1664.29%

USFirstExchange offers online currency exchange services, shipping foreign currencies across the country right to the doorstep of their customers.

The Challenge:

At the start of our cooperation, USFirstExchange was receiving little organic traffic to the website, with most of the user sessions coming from paid advertising, and was ranking poorly for some of the most important queries. Consequently, brand awareness was low.

In order for the brand to grow, we needed to:

  1. Increase organic traffic
  2. Improve rankings and increase the number of relevant keywords the website ranks for
  3. Optimize the website with user experience in mind

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The Method:

After completing our initial analysis, establishing a starting point for our campaign, and gaining a deep understanding of the brand and our goals, we developed a digital marketing strategy that would help us achieve them.

The strategy included synchronized efforts in the following areas:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design and Development

The first step was to formalize the visual identity and brand voice of USFirstExchange and ensure all existing and future pages are consistent with them. Parallelly, we carried out a technical SEO audit and proceeded to eliminate all issues to ensure optimal performance and user experience.

In order to improve organic traffic and establish an online presence, we developed and implemented a content strategy supported by social media sharing and paid advertising to reach our target audience with the right message and guide them down the sales funnel.

Finally, through our link building campaign, we were able to acquire backlinks from relevant authoritative domains which greatly contributed to the domain authority and rankings we were able to achieve.

By continuously monitoring performance and collecting data, we continue to implement tweaks and improvements to the digital marketing strategy, ensuring an ongoing growth of the USFirstExchange brand in all aspects.

The Results:

ahrefs rank usfirst exchange

Our method and approach to the project has resulted in an ongoing cooperation with USFirstExchange, yielding the following results.

Organic Traffic

ahrefs organic traffic us first exchange

By implementing our search engine optimization and content strategies, we have managed to achieve considerable growth in organic traffic with an upward trend, and establish USFirstExchange as a trustworthy brand.

Organic Keywords

ahrefs organic keywords usfirst exchange

The second effect of our digital marketing strategy can be found in the number of organic keywords USFirstExchange now ranks for. Of the total 7,548 keywords, USFX ranks in top 3 results for 239, and in top 10 for 971.


ahrefs reffering domains usfirst exchange

Our link building campaign resulted in acquiring 691 backlinks from 232 referring domains, boosting the brand’s trustworthiness and contributing to the overall rankings of the website.

To Continued Success

The success story doesn’t end here. Through our ongoing cooperation with USFirstExchange, we continue to track the results of our efforts and implement new strategies and methods to support the client’s needs and help them achieve their business goals.

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