SleeveUp Homes

by Mladen Maksic | Oct 03, 2023
Organic traffic:
From 0 to 3495/month
Incrased by: INF%

Organic Keywords:
From 14 to 7913/month
Incrased by: 56521.43%

Referring domains:
From 14 to 242/month
Incrased by: 1728.57%

SleeveUp Homes operates in Southern California offering their clients an easier way to sell their real estate for cash through a quick and flexible process without any middlemen.

The Challenge:

When they first approached Play Media, SleeveUp Homes was a brand in the making. The challenges set before us were:

  1. Defining the brand
  2. Establishing an online presence
  3. Attracting organic traffic to the website

The Method:

After becoming familiar with their brand and business model and considering their business goals, Play Media came up with a digital marketing strategy tuned to SleeveUp Home’s objectives, needs, and budget.

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The strategy included synchronized efforts in the following areas:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design and Development

After establishing their brand identity, our team moved on to simultaneously optimizing the existing website and producing new content in accordance with the overall marketing strategy. This process was supplemented by a carefully crafted paid advertising campaign and social media sharing to boost the brand’s visibility.

The efforts included a complete redesign of the website, technical and on-page search engine optimization, implementing a content marketing strategy with regular blog posts, and an off-page SEO campaign, all aimed at building brand awareness, attracting visitors to the website and providing them with a great user experience from the moment of their first interaction with the brand up to their conversion.

With the first measurable results coming in after a couple of months, we started scaling our efforts and implementing tweeks based on the data collected throughout our ongoing cooperation.

The Results:

ahrefs results for sleeve up homes

Over time, we have managed to build a strong partnership with SleeveUp Homes and achieve the following measurable results:

Organic Traffic

ahrefs organic traffic for sleeve up homes

Through search engine optimization and producing quality content tailored to the target audience, we’ve managed to achieve visible growth in organic traffic coming to the website, with a rising trend.

Organic Keywords

ahrefs organic keywords sleeveup homes

Much like organic traffic growth, the total number of organic keywords is a direct result of our SEO and Content Marketing campaign, helping users discover SleeveUp homes and learn about their services or find useful information related to the real estate industry.

Out of the total 7,398 organic keywords, the website appears in the top 3 results for 87 of them and in the top 10 for 527.


ahrefs reffering domains sleeveup homes

The Off-page SEO strategy we executed resulted in acquiring 162 new referring domains over the course of one year, boosting the website’s domain authority and contributing to the overall SEO strategy and positioning in Google search results.

To Continued Success

Play Media and SleeveUp Homes continue to cooperate, continuously reevaluating the steps and results, adapting to changes and finding new ways to support the brand’s growth.

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