Overlook Boots

by Mladen Maksic | Oct 03, 2023
Organic traffic:
From 21276 to 26761/month
Incrased by: 125.78%

Organic Keywords:
From 18873 to 48225/month
Incrased by: 255.52%

Referring domains:
From 165 to 1018/month
Incrased by: 616.97%

2020 – ongoing


Overlook Boots is a family-owned eCommerce store for work, military and hunting footwear and apparel. They supply the hard-working men and women across the country with quality footwear and accessories to keep them safe and comfortable.

The Challenge:

At the start of our cooperation back in 2020, Overlook boots was a little-known brand with a weak online presence. With this in mind, Play Media was given the task of developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy to:

  1. Optimize the website for search engines
  2. Attract more traffic and customers to the website
  3. Optimize the website for better user experience

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The Method:

After discussing both short and long-term goals and objectives with the client, Play Media came up with a strategy to address the existing issues and start growing the Overlook Boots brand.

In this case, our efforts were focused on the following areas of digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Design and Development

Our first task was to optimize the website from a technical perspective, ensuring that all the pages are fully functional, crawlable and indexable. This included optimizing page speed, sitemaps, Core Web Vitals, cross-platform compatibility, and eliminating any other technical issues found in the SEO audit that would hinder Google rankings.

Parallelly, we developed a Content Strategy aimed at reaching our target audience with informational blogs and rich collection pages helping them make educated buying decisions and increasing organic traffic.

Finally, our Web Development team implemented tweaks and changes to optimize the website’s layout and improve the overall user experience.

After the initial steps, we continued monitoring the website’s performance and implementing the general strategy through continuous search engine optimization and expanding the blog section and collection pages with new SEO content.

The Results:

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Our cooperation with Overlook Boots resulted in a long-term relationship built on trust. Over the two years, we’ve managed to achieve the following results:

Organic Traffic

ahrefs organic traffic overlookboots

Our search engine optimization efforts and SEO-backed content strategy implemented by our own team achieved a significant increase in organic traffic to the website, both through an informative blog section and well-optimized collection pages.

ahrefs organic value for overlookboots

Organic Keywords

ahrefs organic keywords for overlookboots

The implementation of SEO and Content strategies further resulted in visible growth in terms of organic keywords that the website ranks for.

Of the total 48,000 organic keywords Overlook Boots ranks for, the website appears in the top 3 results for 2019 of them and in the top 10 for 7641.


The implemented Off-page SEO strategy resulted in reaching a total of 1015 referring domains. In conjunction with SEO and content creation, our off-page efforts boost the website’s domain authority, contributing to the overall SEO strategy, and playing a key role in positioning in Google search results.

The Story Doesn’t End Here…

Play Media’s success story with Overlook Boots continues, as we keep reevaluating results, adapting, and finding new strategies to help the brand grow.

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