Case Study for PPC Campaign in Cleaning Products Retail Industry

by Mladen Maksic | Sep 04, 2023

Scaling Success:

A Target CPA Campaign Yielding 548% More Conversions for 496% Higher Investment in the Cleaning Products Retail Industry


In this case study, we will showcase our agency’s successful PPC campaign for a retailer of cleaning products. We managed to scale the budget by 4 times while maintaining and even slightly improving the cost per conversion. By utilizing a Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) automated bidding strategy, we achieved exceptional results, gaining 548% more conversions for a 496% higher investment. Despite a slight decrease in conversion rate, the campaign achieved lower CPC, leading to increased efficiency and significant growth in conversions.

Client Background:

The client is a leading retailer in the cleaning products industry, offering a diverse range of household cleaning solutions, sanitation items, and eco-friendly products. Their primary objective was to expand their market presence and drive a substantial increase in conversions while ensuring that the cost per conversion remains op


Before implementing the Target CPA campaign, the client faced several challenges, including:

  1. Scaling Up Conversions: The existing campaigns had reached a plateau, limiting their ability to drive further conversions and achieve ambitious growth targets.
  2. Efficient Budget Allocation: The client wanted to increase their advertising budget significantly, but they were concerned about maintaining a reasonable cost per conversion to ensure profitability.
  3. Maximizing ROI: The client wanted to strike a balance between aggressive growth and maximizing their Return on Investment (ROI).


To address the challenges and meet the client’s objectives, our agency devised the following strategy:

  1. Target CPA Automated Bidding: We recommended implementing a Target CPA automated bidding strategy. This bidding approach utilizes machine learning to set bids dynamically to achieve a specific target cost per conversion. By leveraging historical performance data, Google’s algorithm optimizes bids to deliver conversions at the defined CPA goal.
  2. Budget Scaling: With a data-driven approach, we gradually increased the campaign budget over time. This allowed us to monitor performance and ensure that the increased investment delivered the desired results efficiently.
  3. Continuous Monitoring and Optimization: Throughout the campaign, we closely monitored performance metrics, including conversion rate, CPC, and RoAS. This data-driven approach enabled us to make timely adjustments and optimize the campaign for better results.


The Target CPA campaign was launched, incorporating the strategies mentioned above. The campaign’s performance was closely monitored, and bid adjustments were made based on real-time data insights.



The implementation of the Target CPA campaign yielded outstanding results:

  1. Conversions: The campaign achieved an impressive 548% increase in conversions compared to the previous period, effectively scaling up the number of successful conversions.
  2. Budget Efficiency: Despite a 4 times increase in the campaign budget, the cost per conversion remained consistent and even slightly improved. The campaign efficiently utilized the increased investment to drive more conversions while maintaining an optimal cost per conversion.
  3. CPC Optimization: The Target CPA strategy achieved a lower Cost Per Click (CPC), enabling the client to achieve a higher number of conversions at a lower cost, further contributing to improved efficiency.


Graph 1: Comparison of Conversions and Budget

case study graph


Graph 2: Comparison of Conversions and Budget with Cost per Conversion Included

case study graph 2


The implementation of the Target CPA automated bidding strategy enabled our agency to overcome the client’s challenges and achieve exceptional results. By scaling the campaign budget by 4 times, we achieved a remarkable 548% increase in conversions, all while maintaining an efficient cost per conversion. The campaign’s lower CPC also contributed to improved cost-effectiveness. This successful PPC campaign not only delivered significant growth in conversions but also showcased the power of data-driven automated bidding strategies to optimize advertising spend and drive exceptional results for our client in the cleaning products retail industry.


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