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Grow Your Business and Leads With SEO

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SEO for SaaS: Full Actionable 2021 Guide

Improving your SERP ranking can be a daunting task, especially for a newer SaaS company. You have to contend with already established and large aggregator sites, your standard competitors, and all of that with a limited set of keywords (which is highly specific for...

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Core Web Vitals – Everything You Need to Know

The term Web Vitals is used to refer to an array of website metrics relating to the quality of the user experience a website offers to its visitors, which Google uses as indicators of a healthy website. According to their announcement, starting in 2021 Core Web Vitals...

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How Is NLP Changing the Way We Do SEO?

Neither NLP nor SEO is new and unexplored territory. In a way, both of them deal with the intricacies of the linguistic properties of the human mind and its interaction with technology. In other words, both tend to try and make sense of the way we humans express...

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The Importance of an SEO Audit for Your Business Website

Search Engine ranking algorithms are one of the most mysterious components of the digital marketing world. Ultimately, no matter how careful you are with your content and website creation, there’s a good chance that you’re going to experience a drop in rankings at...

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How do SSL Certificate Affect SEO Rankings?

How do SSL certificates affect SEO rankings? Often, when we think about SEO, we spend all of our time worrying about things like keyword optimization and backlinks.  However, according to the latest findings, there are 200 factors considered by Google (at least) in...

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SEO Starter Guide for Small Businesses

Struggling with SEO for small businesses? You’re not alone. Launching a small business is an exciting, but challenging experience. Even when you’ve come up with an amazing idea, built a wonderful website, and raised some capital to get your venture going – you’re...

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Page Speed Optimization for 2020

Speed give me what I need!  From SEO to user experience, page speed optimization seems to be a part of every aspect that makes up a successful website. Investing time and resources into developing the optimal website speed plan is absolutely worth it; if done in the...

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