Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Recovery

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Recovery

You know what they say – expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised. Well, the Covid 19 crisis really has taken us by storm and did a number on businesses worldwide.

After a long battle, businesses can finally expect to get back on track, but the road to recovery isn’t exactly a walk in a park, and picking up all the pieces of the mess the pandemic left behind might seem daunting. However, the right digital marketing strategies can get you off to a strong start and speed up the recovery of your business. After all, a good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow, right?

As consumer expectations change and the digital landscape becomes even more challenging, you’ll need to look at the situation with a fresh pair of eyes to get your business back on its feet. We did our diligent research and came back with some of the best digital marketing strategies to drive business recovery in 2022 and beyond.

Time to get the show back on the road!

The Lifeboat: How Can Digital Marketing Help Your Business Recover?

The shift in consumer behavior caused by the outbreak plays a key role in the recovery of most businesses impacted by the chaos of the epidemic. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing numerous physical business establishments to close, some even permanently, digitalization became a life raft for businesses worldwide.

Consumers were also home-bound due to social distancing and lockdowns, so the number of people immersed in online shopping increased. Since almost everything has moved online, utilizing digital marketing strategies is a sensible choice to help your company or business stay afloat and ensure its survival in the digital jungle.

This trend is expected to continue, meaning both the path to business recovery and future success will be powered by digital ways. There’s no doubt about it – whether you are a brick-and-mortar physical store establishment, an online-only business, or a savvy hybrid of the two, the digital era is here to stay making it the ideal moment to regroup, reorganize and adjust your online marketing and branding strategies to keep up and thrive.

When life gives you lemons, simply make lemonade!


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Top 6 Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Recovery

Is the captain supposed to go down with his ship? Not in our book. As we face the new normal and adjust to the adverse effects brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses struggling with diminishing revenues need new ways to keep going. The good news? You can rise from the ashes, revive customer interest and nurture your way back to the top beacuse digital marketing comes to the rescue!

Disasters happen, but recoveries have to be orchestrated. Your business will not recover by chance but by implementing changes, identifying the opportunities at hand, and then capitalizing on them. Keep in mind that any recovery, including that of a business, is a journey – not a destination. There is no quick fix for getting your business back on its feet after the adverse economic effects of the pandemic. However, there are ways to make the best out of a bad situation.

With a little regrouping, planning, and a fresh perspective, you can leverage the best digital marketing strategies to help your business not only get off the ground post-crisis but reach new heights.

1. Audit, Audit, Then Audit Some More

The first question you need to address is: Where does your business currently stand? To know where you’re going, you must first understand where you’re at. Running web, SEO, and social audits to address the current situation is the first step to your business recovery. The reports you get will help you understand where you’re doing well and identify areas for improvement.
There are many handy audit tools you can leverage to map out and analyze your current digital offering, assess your on-page SEO, usability, traffic, social media performance, and more, and provide you with actionable insights and recommendations you can develop further in line with your new goals and objectives to create winning digital strategies.

2. Rediscover Your Target Audience

The recent shift in customer behavior looks different from one industry, niche, and business to the next, but one thing is crystal clear – it has evolved. What once used to work seamlessly may not yield meaningful results now. If you want to stay in the game and ahead of the curve, you must re-discover your customer base and address your prospects’ current needs.

· Recreate your buyer persona

There’s a great chance the presumptions you had previously formed about your customers are no longer true. Customers who didn’t need your services in the past might look for you now and vice versa. Therefore, now’s the ideal time to examine the pandemic’s impact on your industry and market – whether favorable or not – as well as any new opportunities and worries that might be on the horizon.

Are you serving the right audience? Who is seeking your offerings at this time? Which customers have you lost, and whose attention have you gained? How can you broaden your reach and cater to your new leads? This is something to ponder.

· Reassess your current offerings

Do your products, services, or solutions help address the new customer concerns? How relevant are your offerings in the post-pandemic market? Are they viable? What is your new target audience looking for?

Scrutinize and analyze what you bring to the table and make the necessary changes according to your discovery if needed. Inspect the demand for your products or services online and concentrate on products or services that will perform and appeal to your new buyer persona to revive and pivot your business digitally.

· Retain Your Existing Customers

Even though your buyer persona may have changed, retaining the existing customers that remained loyal to you through the thick and thin of it all should still be a priority. After all, you don’t need any more losses, and attracting new customers is far more challenging (and expensive!) than retaining the existing ones.

Determine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to virtual buying on your customers and act accordingly. Reward loyal customers and encourage old-school positive word-of-mouth promotion by offering incentives like loyalty programs and referral bonuses.

· Reach out to key customers

You can engage with repeat customers through Email marketing, target previous website visitors with remarketing campaigns and reach new customers with targeted Paid Search and Social Media ads. It only makes sense to expand or keep running your advertising efforts, given the increased time people now spend online. Pat them on the back for staying by your side!

3. Go Big with Your Online & Social Media Presence

The big winner of the lockdowns and consumer shift to digital is social media, with an increase of 36% in time spent on social media platforms. This means you have a vast audience at your disposal, just waiting for something to pique their interest. However, you need to choose your channels wisely. By tracking each stage of the customer journey across various platforms, you’ll gain insight into what works and where your brand needs to be.

If you don’t have social media channels set up yet, it’s time to make that all-but-necessary digital transition to revive and future-proof your business. Your brand must have a strong presence on digital platforms with relevant and shareable content that displays your brand’s values (integrity, empathy, trustworthiness) and also delivers value to your followers. Practice organic posting and make the most of social media marketing through targeted paid campaigns.

Going digital and having a robust online presence is no longer optional. However, maintaining a strong brand presence across every digital channel or social network is unnecessary and time-consuming, so focus on quality above quantity. Exposing your brand to the right digital channels and to the right customers will maximize your marketing efforts. Oh, and don’t forget about Google My Business, Directory Listings, and Local Citations.



Spread the Word With Valuable Content

Your online presence won’t bear any fruits unless you have a story that will be of interest and appeal to your prospects. Knowing the extent the post-pandemic mindset and online shopping have on your potential customers can help you create valuable content and a suitable content strategy for the buyer’s journey.

Customers have varying interests, so nurturing empathetic communication tailored to your target audience is necessary. Create and share fresh and user-generated content that speaks to your buyer personas’ current needs and concerns. Be proactive – post regular updates, social media posts, and blogs, and pack them all with high-quality SEO.

Review Your Strategy & Re-invent Your Brand

Don’t just recover – use this opportunity to rebuild your business strategy from scratch and re-invent your entire brand to best adapt to the current environment.

Use this opportunity to freshen up and adjust to the new digital world order. Upscale your current website, or create a new one if you need to, and top it off with fresh, engaging, and optimized content that will speak to your audience and rank. Tailor your brand’s voice and offerings in line with the new digital order and consumer behavior to create the ultimate customer experience. Set clear goals and tweak them along the way.

Track, Monitor, Analyze & Adjust

Don’t get excited too soon – using digital marketing strategies for business recovery is not a one-time thing. Even after your plan is rolled out, you mustn’t forget to make sure it works in the long run by measuring your success! To stay one step ahead of the ever-changing trends, focus your attention on continuously analyzing data and monitoring, evaluating, and realigning your digital marketing campaigns.

Choose your marketing KPIs early on and keep an eye on them constantly. Use Google Analytics to track your website, SEO rankings, and paid ads data. Measure your ROI (Return on investment). Social media channels also have analytical tools you can use to assess performance. After all, numbers really do speak volumes.

By fusing measurable insights with consistency, trends, customer behavior, and brand authenticity, you’ll not only recover your business but create a future-proof marketing plan and a digital presence that yields the desired results – engages your target audience, converts, boosts online sales, and eventually raises your business to new heights. Even after you revive your business, never stop improving!

Bounce Back and Thrive In the New Normal Through Digital Marketing

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Business recovery is all about evolving with the current and ever-changing digital marketing and consumer needs and hitting the moving target right in the bullseye with viable digital marketing techniques.

The right digital marketing strategies can help you speed up the revival of your business and make a glorious comeback. Be as patient, diligent, and enthusiastic about business recovery as you were about your business success, and we are confident you will power through and come out even stronger in the long run.

If you need a helping hand getting your business back on its feet, our savvy digital marketers are here to lift you off the ground and propel you to new heights whenever you’re ready. Sometimes, having a reliable partner in your corner and a little good faith is all it takes to fuel your business to stay ahead in the race and make it in the digital universe.


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