The Story of Play Media

Play Media is a full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2010. We are based in three locations Miami, Florida, Novi Sad, Serbia and Belgrade, Serbia. Although we have three main locations, we are, above all else, a global digital marketing agency.

Our mission is very simple — we are here to transform and improve your business with innovative and advanced marketing strategies through vision, dedicated work, creativity, knowledge and competence from various fields of digital marketing.   

We work as a homogenous entity bringing you only the best results based on correct analytics and precise data from a group of highly creative, competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy people. We are here to create a real human connection and to grow together.

Team Play Media


The second-largest city of the Sunshine State is where our first office is located. Miami’s famous beaches, beautiful art deco, and the general diversity of the city make it a truly one-of-a-kind place, where creativity comes naturally.

Novi Sad

Located in Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia, Novi Sad is often referred to by the locals as the Serbian Athens, due to its cultural significance and history. Home to the EXIT music festival and many students from all over the country and abroad, Novi Sad has earned the title of a young people’s city.


The Capital of Serbia is an ancient city built on the confluence of two rivers in the heart of the Balkans. Its rich history, testified to by a unique blend of architecture, along with the vibrant nightlife of a metropolis, make Belgrade one of the most beautiful cities in the region.

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What We Believe In

We believe in human connection and in creating recognizable brands. We believe in commitment, exploration and in giving out our best. We wouldn’t be what we are without creativity. But creativity on its own is only a potential released to its full capacity with dedicated work.

We believe in the individual and their journey and their passion. In technology, innovation and perfect design. The visual medium and the power of words. We are goal oriented visionaries that cultivate the best in all of us. Website Magazine ranked us #1 among its Top 50 SEO Firms

And above all else, we believe in the power of Play that keeps us curious and willing to always learn more.

Our Mission

Everyone needs a mission in life and work. Without a mission, people will try to go somewhere but won’t know how or where to go. A calling is what keeps us going. And we have a very specific one.

Our mission is to create recognizable brands and to get you to the top. But we always try to accomplish this goal in the most natural way possible. Because there’s nothing better than having a little boost with organic traffic! We try to accomplish your goals in a noninvasive way and to create valuable marketing.

We mainly focus on SEO which includes almost every other aspect of digital marketing to achieve succesfull results. Our mission wouldn’t be that great if we weren’t so passionate about the work we do for you. And we are very passionate.

Our calling demands from us to deliver results on time, to be transparent and to communicate with you throughout the process. Our core values simply don’t allow us to be any different.

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